DROPLESS DRY EYE THERAPY - IProX is our new combination IPL-RF device and the most advanced treatment for dry eye syndrome.

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Adult CRT Candidates

Every day, millions of people research vision alternatives to daytime contact lenses because they are frustrated with discomfort, fluctuating vision, or have tired or dry eyes.

CRT Brand Contact Lenses eliminate dryness and discomfort associated with daytime contacts. This is possible because CRT contact lenses are only worn overnight, while you sleep, and removed before your start your day. It’s pretty simple. If you don’t wear daytime contacts, you can’t have daytime contact lens discomfort. CRT – visual comfort and freedom!

CRT lenses were FDA approved in June 2002 and hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, are enjoying the benefits CRT brand Contact Lenses provide. This therapeutic contact lens gently and safely reshapes the cornea while you sleep to correct nearsightedness (myopia).

Most commonly referred to as “Corneal Reshaping or Orthokeratology,” CRT offers a safe, non-invasive, and non-surgical procedure that temporarily corrects nearsightedness up to -6.00 diopters, and mild amounts of astigmatism.

CRT requires overnight lens wear to reshape the cornea. If you are used to removing your contact lenses at night before bedtime, think about how easy it would be to apply CRT Brand Contact Lenses before bedtime and correct your vision while you sleep! When you wake up, you simply remove your CRT lenses and you’ll be able to see clearly without having to wear daytime contacts or glasses!

CRT provides complete comfort and visual freedom when it matters most – during your waking hours! Similar to LASIK, CRT safely reshapes the front surface of the cornea to provide device-free vision during your waking hours.

The biggest difference between LASIK and CRT is that LASIK is a surgical procedure that may require follow-up surgeries to obtain the desired vision correction. CRT, on the other hand, is a non-surgical alternative to LASIK that provides the temporary and reversible effect of reducing nearsightedness.

People researching LASIK are looking for freedom from the hassles and discomfort of contact lenses and glasses. You now have a non-invasive choice to achieve the freedom that LASIK surgery provides- Corneal reshaping with CRT Brand contact lenses!

Do glasses or daytime contacts interfere with your day? CRT Brand Contact Lenses may be an option for you!

Presbyopia and CRT

Fifty may be the new forty and forty may be the new thirty, but turning back the clock on presbyopia, the need for bifocal contact lenses or reading glasses, is impossible.

Presbyopia usually begins at around age 40, when people experience blurred near vision when reading, working at the computer, or performing close-up tasks. The onset of presbyopia can be frustrating and while CRT does not correct presbyopia (distance and near vision), monovision with CRT, is a great option for many people.

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How Monovision Works

As the name “monovision” suggests, one eye is corrected to sharpen your distance vision and the other eye is corrected to sharpen your near vision.

The eye that sees well for distance vision will be slightly blurred up close and the eye that sees well up close will be slightly blurred when looking at distant objects. However, with both eyes open, the result is a typically clear vision at all distances.

Monovision Works with CRT Brand Contact Lenses

Though monovision might sound difficult to adjust to, most people adapt very well and eventually don’t notice which eye is their “distance eye” and which is their “near the eye.” For many people, monovision with CRT is an acceptable vision alternative.

If monovision sounds like the right choice for you and you want freedom from daytime contacts, ask your eye care professional if monovision with CRT would be an option for you!

Choosing the right vision correction option to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to settle for uncomfortable or blurry daytime contacts or undergo invasive eye surgery. If you’re one of the many individuals who experience discomfort, fluctuating vision, or dryness from your daytime contacts, or if glasses get in the way of your activities, corneal reshaping with CRT Brand Contact Lenses may be the perfect vision correction treatment option for you.

Contact lens wearers are particularly predisposed to the development of the dry eye, with 50-75% of wearers reporting dry eye symptoms. CRT lenses are worn only while sleeping, eliminating the dryness and discomfort of daytime contacts and giving you freedom and comfort when it matters most!